Custom Farm Tables & Modern Industrial Furniture


We create quality, custom tables. When you order your table, you can be sure you are buying a table built out of high-quality materials that will last.

Our founder Clay Adams, started Rustic Trades because he understood a table is more than just a piece of furniture.

How We Started

Our Product

We understand the struggle of not being able to find a table that has the quality and look you are going for. We sell custom tables so you can design the table you have been looking for! In our customization process, you get to be the designer.

Whether your home is modern, industrial, farmhouse, or traditional we have a variety of table designs that can be customized to fit in your space.

Select the table design, hardwood, stain/finish, level of rusticness, and style you desire. Our team of local craftsman will build and hand deliver your table into your home!

“Our desire is to create a table that will bring you and your loved ones closer together.” -Clay Adams

Our Process

Say goodbye to the stress you’ve felt trying to find custom furniture. We have created an 8 step process made for you, to make your table ordering process as easy as possible.

1. Meet with Our Sales Team. Confirm your table size, style, type of wood, stain, style of top, texture, and rusticness.

2. Confirm Delivery and Timeline. At this step confirm that our delivery timeline is fitting to your needs! On average you can expect an 8-12 week turnaround for our custom builds.

3. Make Payment. Pay for your order and delivery! All order details do not have to be finalized at the time of payment.

4. Confirm Order Details. Confirm your order details before our craftsmen begin building your custom table!

5. Send Order To the Shop. Once all custom order details are confirmed and payment is in, your order will be sent to our shop and put into production.

6. Begin Building. The Rustic Trades team will email you once your order has been placed on the floor for the craftsman to begin building.

7. Set Your Delivery Date. Once the craftsman finish building your custom piece our team will set a delivery date and time.

8. Deliver Table. Your table will be hand delivered into your space so you can begin creating lasting memories around it!

Our Mission

At Rustic Trades, we recognize the importance of communing around the table. To us, the table represents coming together with those you care about to learn, grow, celebrate, share and reminisce with one another. This is what inspires us to build every piece that leaves our shop.