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Your Life…Well Spent



I am constantly reminded why we focus on building these amazing tables. I am reading a book, “A life well spent” and had to share the authors experience after visiting the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina. He writes:

“This house was built by the Vanderbilts of railroad-industry fame and fortune in the mid-1800s. What caught my attention as we went on a tour were the large eating rooms with adjoining sitting areas. Much emphasis was placed on mealtime in those days, and it wasn’t uncommon for each meal to last two hours. So much of the space in the house was allocated to the dining rooms and breakfast areas because the family spent a lot of time there in conversation and dialogue–before, during and after the meal. It was during these conversations that values and training of the next generation took place.


What a contrast to the typical American family today–ours included.”

At Rustic Trades, we value what happens around our dining table. It’s for “family” these heirloom pieces are built, and there’s a reason we want them to last generations. We desire for strong values to be built to last, and for hopes and dreams to be deeply instilled and fulfilled. It’s about family, those “like” family — and all those who are invited to sit at your dining table.

We may be able to master the art of woodworking over time — it takes practice, but not without a conscious effort. Same goes for those important conversations and dialogue; it would be hard to master the quality of TIME…without a lot of practice.

We hope your Rustic Trades dining table is a place where you can spend many hours!


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