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What To Consider When Outfitting Your Home Office

As you begin to navigate outfitting your home office there are a few important things to consider.

Your Workspace Needs. 

Will your workspace be individual or collaborative? The use of your space will impact the furniture needed, styles recommended, and sizing.

For an individual office, we recommend a custom desk, comfortable leather office chair, and storage that’s fitting to your needs.

If you desire a larger or collaborative space, a custom L shaped desk is a great fit! You can specify whether you desire a detachable return desk or a connected desk.

Your Storage Preferences. 

Do you file a lot of papers, have sentimental office memorabilia, or prefer a minimal workspace? If you need a lot of storage, a complimenting media table will give you the optimal organization you need.

An example of a custom storage unit.

If storage of that capacity is not needed in your office space, add drawers to your desk. You can add a simple pencil drawer, one side drawer, or two side drawers.

If you prefer privacy over storage, a privacy panel is a great option to add to your design. Our privacy panels can be crafted out of heavy gauge steel or contemporary hardwoods.

Your Device Usage. 

Your daily device usage is a determining factor for your size and power management needs. If you typically use 1-2 devices a small chord management option would be fitting. If you use multiple devices, a power management unit is an easy way to keep your workspace clean and organized. The power management unit can be flush inside your desk and have customizable ports.

An example of a larger power management unit in an office.

Your Preferred Workspace Vibe. 

What type of workspace do you thrive in? Do you prefer a minimal private office or a more lively space? For a more minimal design, the Clayton Desk or the Braylon Desk is a great desk option. The Braylon Austin Desk is a modern design fitting for a vibrant office.

Custom Clayton Desk with a metal base.

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