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“TMW” – The perfect outdoor table solution

We built a custom Emerson Trestle for a customer wanting to outfit their back patio with a dining set by the pool. The table and matching benches are built out of solid Ash, but the ash has an additional quality that makes it ideal for outdoor use. So what’s so unique about the material we chose to use for this build?

Rustic Trades ATL outdoor table

The Ash has been thermally modified, meaning it has undergone a heat treatment process that improves the durability and stability of the boards, making it an ideal timber for outdoor use.

Outdoor table Emerson Trestle

Some of the benefits of Thermally Modified wood are:

  1. Attractive – The process of thermally modifying the wood produces a rich warm color that highlights the wood’s natural grain pattern.
  2. Ages Gracefully – Since TMW does not hold moisture, it becomes rot-resistant and stable as compared to untreated wood.
  3. Dimensionally stable – TMW is less susceptible to warping, checking and cupping from humidity.
  4. Decay resistant – TMW does not support insect infestation or fungal attack.
  5. Non-Toxic – TMW is produced using heat and steam, not toxic chemicals.
  6. Durable – Heat-treating makes the wood more durable.

therm-mod-emerson therm-mod-table-top therm-modified-bench

Once treated, the thermally modified ash has a rich brown tone. It beautifully accents the classic look of the Emerson Trestle.

Rustic Trades Atlanta Outdoor table

Rustic Trades outdoor table

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To read more about TMW, visit here.

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