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Solutions For A Small Dining Space

Is your kitchen or dining space narrow and you’re unsure of what size table would be best? You want to create a space to eat but not overtake the room? Here are a few solutions for you to utilize your narrow space!

  1. Custom Dimensions

To make a narrow space feel larger, custom dimensions are an easy solution. Customize the width of your table to create an area large enough for eating yet not overwhelming your space.

We understand the struggle of not being able to find the specific size your space needs. When shopping for a Rustic Trades table you have the option of choosing from our standard sizes or selecting custom dimensions. 

The width of the kitchen table shown above was adjusted from our standard 72″L x 37″W to a custom 72″L x 30″W to best accommodate this space.

2. Choose Benches Over Chairs

Benches create less movement in your dining area. Chairs will be pulled in and out as people get up where a bench remains stationary. Keep your bench in one space and let your people slide in. 

Kids, adults, and teens all love bench seating. Add one bench with a back and one standard bench for simple seating. 

3. If that doesn’t work for you, work with our design team to create a dining table tailored to your space and layout.

Custom Designed Braylon Table

If you find yourself with a space where you need more than just custom dimensions, a custom table design is for you!

Creating a brand new table design is a premium option. This includes partnering with our lead designer to create the perfect fitting table for your space.

Driftwood Oak Custom Shaped Table Top

Is a custom designed table what you need? Curious of what that process and pricing looks like? Contact us to get more information!

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