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Introducing The Weston Triple Pedestal

We have kicked around the idea of designing a round pedestal table with three legs. Why not start with our Weston Design and go crazy? Well, here it is: The Weston Triple Pedestal.


The first concept started as a sketch that was sent over to a good friend of ours. The sketch consisted of several layout options that we eventually narrowed down to base design where the legs met a centered joint. Due to the nature of the angle of the cut and the thickness of the timbers we use, that joint, as it turns out, was the largest hurdle to overcome by our craftsman. But, we have two very creative master craftsman, John Michael and Graham Simmons, who were up to the challenge and made it happen.

When the table was finally constructed and assembled, everyone at the shop stopped to admire the beautiful artisanship of our team. We were excited (and relieved) that the project resulted in such a success. As I looked around I realized the importance of the piece we crafted. This table, built by hand, intentionally with the utmost care for detail and quality will remain with the intended family from generation to generation. I envisioned each season of their life moving by like a blur, dinning, parties, family meetings, date nights, grand babies, new home….  yet the table stands firm in the center. Its not just a piece of furniture and it’s not just temporary. It is timeless and it should be made with that in mind.

Life is truly celebrated around the table. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it.







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