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How We Compare To the Industry

As you’re getting closer to buying your family’s new table, you may be wondering – why would I buy from Rustic Trades, how are they different from another retailer? 

We get it. What makes us different and worthwhile of your investment?

Natural Walnut Weston Trestle Table With Leaves

Furniture is being mass produced all across the world and it can be found at a variety of price points. You can order a table from many different retailers but there are often question marks in the quality.

Today we are going to tell you how we differ from other retailers in terms of Materials, Size, Custom Abilities, and Pricing.


The material your furniture is built out of defines how long the piece will last, what it will sustain, and how soon after you will have to get a replacement. 

A lot of businesses in our industry will sell you softwoods like pine/reclaimed wood or will use veneers. We stand on building all of our furniture out of high-quality hardwood materials because furniture built out of hardwoods is made to last.

Natural Walnut Live Edge Table


Typically when you buy furniture there are 2-4 options on sizes. They may not have the exact size you want but you’re willing to compromise for either the price point or look. 

What if you didn’t have to compromise?

We offer around 4-5 standard size options and any custom size! You shouldn’t have to settle on the size of your furniture or have to go search for another reputable company because they don’t offer what you want.

Natural Walnut Braylon Austin Dining Table


Typically custom furniture is out of reach because either you can’t find a trustworthy person to build it or the price point is not in your budget. 

We have built thousands of custom sized tables. We want to build yours and make it easy for you!


In the custom furniture industry prices normally start around $500 and go up in the thousands.

Our table prices start around $1800. Your investment includes choosing the table size, style, material, stain, level of rusticness, and white glove delivery to your space.

When you buy a table from Rustic Trades you are supporting a small business, passionate local craftsman, and environmentally friendly practices. 

Let our furniture design and quality speak for itself. Explore our table offerings online or Make An Appointment at one of our Showrooms to learn more!

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