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Frequently Asked Questions About Live Edge Tables

This year custom Live Edge tables have become our most sought after furniture style. 

The Live Edge table design is vastly different from our traditional farmhouse or modern industrial pieces. Live Edge is known by its outer curved edge and exotic character. The Live Edge terminology refers to the slabs only. 

The most commonly asked questions we receive about customizing a Live Edge table are in regards to the top styles, hardwood options, base designs, and pricing. 

Top Style Options

When you design a Live Edge table you have 3 options for the top style: Bookmatched, 3 Flitch, and Supplemented. The book-matched top style, as shown below, includes two cuts from the same tree that have a side by side mirrored visual.

The three wide flitch style offers a larger width with fewer boards than a supplemented style. Supplemented is the most cost-effective Live Edge top style option consisting of a normal tabletop with edges of a Live edge crafted on the edges. See the table below for a look at the supplemented style option. 

Hardwood Species

When you customize a Live Edge table you can choose from 3 hardwoods species – Walnut, White Oak, or Parota. Walnut has a rich brown coloring with occasional lighter blonde tones dispersed. White Oak hardwoods are lighter in color more honey-golden with a beautiful cathedral grain. Parota is an exotic hardwood indigenous to Costa Rica. Parota has a rich amber-red coloring throughout the center of the table with a lighter cream exterior. 

Base Styles Available

Custom Base Design.

Live Edge only refers to the slab top. You get the opportunity to select any base style. Select from our Rustic Farmhouse, Modern Industrial, or collaborate with our designer to design your own base. Here are a few of our favorites.

Pricing For A Live Edge Table

Walnut and White Oak Live Edge tables start at $2,460. Parota Live Edge tables start at $4,000. The price increases based on the selections you make in the customization process. Top style and sizing are the largest pricing factors. You can get an instant quote on our website or contact us for a custom quote!

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