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Easy Cleaning & Care For Your Table This Holiday Season

Family meals, holiday parties, and Christmas gatherings will be shared around your table this month. Take proper care of your custom table between gatherings!

5 easy ways for you to care for your table and maintain a quality finish this season!

  1. Use water on cloth to easily wipe off any messes and clean off your table top or bench. If your table is unfinished contact us for proper care.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals on your table! Only use natural or organic cleaning products like vinegar and oil. 
  3. If you get crumbs or food in the seams of your Farm Top – simply using a vacuum to get rid of them. Or if you have a sticky substance in the cracks using a soft bristle brush with water will get it out. 
  4. We recommend keeping heat off the table to maintain the integrity of the finish!
  5. OR to Make Clean Up Easiest – Use a tablecloth!

These five options will guarantee an easy cleanup for your holiday gatherings! Have questions about your specific table? Send us an email and we can get you more information!

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