Custom Farm Tables & Modern Industrial Furniture

Curved Dining Table Benches

Curved dining table benches are a fresh and innovative style we are loving! Round tables are limited to communal seating of any capacity. A curved bench reinvents the seating opportunities at your table. 

Add one or a few curved benches to your order for a communal seating experience around your round table.

Here’s a visual of a single curved bench:

This Braylon Asterisk dining table sizes at 54” round and 30” high. The table is crafted out of White Oak Rough Sawn hardwoods, with a matte Aged Oak stain. The curved bench is crafted out of matching hardwoods and has three Clayton legs supporting the farm top bench. Modern industrial chairs will surround the remainder of the dining table. 

Here’s a visual of a complete curved bench set:

This custom Jameson Pedestal dining table sizes at 60” round, crafted out of rough sawn Cherry hardwoods with an Ebony stain. The curved benches are crafted out of matching rough sawn hardwoods with an ebony stain. The three benches create a defined dining room space within this modern farmhouse. 

Learn more about how to amplify your round farm table with a set of curved benches!

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