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Atlanta Home Featuring a Braylon Square Table

As soon as you step into this Atlanta home you are drawn to this high quality custom table. The space was designed by local Designer, Sally Rotenstreich. This home is styled as Mediterranean with a touch of Italian. 

The dining room has rich color and eclectic architecture. This custom table complements the character of the home while simultaneously captivating your eyes.

braylon square dining table in front of the windowsSally Rotenstreich is an interior designer that cultivates one of a kind design for each client’s specific needs. She can refresh your room or completely restart it. Sally firmly believes that detail is key to creating a well curated environment. 

To create the desired feel in this environment, she selected our Braylon Square table design! A simplistic structure featuring two waterfall, hand welded steel legs. A strong, sturdy design with the capability of endless customization. 

side view of the braylon square table and dining room

The custom table featured is 90” Long x 45” Wide x 30” High. A custom size was needed in this space to accommodate for the seating selection and to ensure the area was filled to the designer’s specification. 

The beautiful 1.5” Seamless Slab top is crafted out of Cherry Hardwoods with a Rustic Cream color and no glaze. Cherry hardwoods typically have an amber undertone and the Rustic Cream color muted the natural color. 

The Seamless Slab top style is a wonderful selection for a customer who isn’t looking for a rustic or farmhouse look. Seamless Slab tops can be paired with any base style and immediately modernizes the look. The metal base is hand welded and hand sprayed with a matte black finish. 

side view of the braylon square table and close up of the chair

Would a Braylon Square table elevate your space? This table style has become one of our best selling Modern Industrial options because of the versatility you can create with it.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about Sally’s design portfolio or connecting with her personally, more information can be found here.

Photos captured by Caleb Jones Photography!

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