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A Table in Serenbe

The name “Serenbe” (pronounced Seh-Rin-Bee) might cause you to raise an eyebrow, but in an odd way…also inspire a sense of living…without a care in the world.

At least that’s what it does for us. Or…it could simply be the New South Food Co. blog post by guest blogger, Eliza, that swept us away into this idyllic little community just south of Atlanta.

It is obvious this little town of Serenbe is trying to sustain the best of quality living. A quick read of their development plan notes a real focus of “community living for multiple generations.”

We love the idea of a simpler way of life and like meeting people who share our same value: creating things that last “multiple generations.”

I guess you just never know what’s outside your back door.

Eliza writes about her love of Serenbe and deciding to make a home here. She reached out to us to help complete that rustic appeal for her farmhouse, and her house is now home to several Rustic Trades barn doors and a round Jameson table, all in our slate grey finish.



You won’t’ want to miss the mouthwatering recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble she shares, either!

As if having our table and barn doors featured in a blog wasn’t enough…

Take a trip to Serenbe.

Bake up some Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble.

And maybe you, too, will be enjoying life at a table that will last multiple generations.

Thank you for sharing, Eliza!

(P.S. Eliza’s home can be rented for getaways and long term stays in Serenbe. Scroll to the home “Lake Haven” to see more.)

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