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A Personalized, Metal Base Conference Table

We seem to never be surprised by the truly unique ideas our customers dream up for their particular space. This next custom order was brought to us by a rather creative company, who solely make it their mission to go ‘above and beyond’ just the ordinary. Wits’ End Productions is accustomed to adding flare and excitement in everything they do…even when it comes to needing a conference table.

At Rustic Trades, we enjoy trying new things. This time, by “new” we mean:
  • building a table on a metal base, not a solid wood base;
  • using a solid white oak slab top without our typical rustic, rough knots (making it a smoother surface for better functionality and writing);
  • and personalizing a table by branding it with the company logo.
They say there is a first for everything, and this order was no exception. Wits’ End Productions provided us with their vision, and together we discussed how to make the natural feel of oak fit right into their high-tech environment.

Time was also of the essence; this was the very first table to leave our new shop!

We were happy to deliver just in time for this special occasion:

“We are very fortunate to have a wonderfully creative and loyal client for many years. Even though we have done work for them for years, they have not had the opportunity to visit our office. We wanted to make a statement when they walked into our conference room, so we added the comfort of oak with the high-tech look of a magnetic glass blackboard. They loved the look, the uniqueness, and the comfortable ambiance the table added to the space.” – Hallie, Wits’ End Productions

…and that’s how we put the word “custom” in customer.

It was a pleasure to work with the creative WITS’ team!

WITS’ End Productions serves as the strategic creative partner for corporate communications leaders seeking events, experiences and campaigns that move the needle on audience engagement. Based on 50 years of experience in the creative arts, the WITS’ team provides unique audience and performance insights. From sales meetings and investor conferences to product launches and town halls, WITS’ successful track record is based on proven results. Visit or call 770.777.2737

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