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A Modern Alternative To Leaf Extensions

Leaf extensions are an easy way to extend your table upon occasion. Our locally made leaf extensions are 12” each and crafted out of the same top material, finish, and style. They easily attach to the underside of the table and can be stored away in a closet when they aren’t being used. 

Do you desire the ability to add length to your custom table while also having limited storage space? Here is your solution! Customize two small coordinating tables that can be placed next to the table and serve as leaves. No more hiding your leaf extensions under the bed or in the closet! 

These two tables make the holidays, family birthdays, or any large gatherings easy! Simply slide over the two tables and you have the extended table you need. Then when you’re not hosting a large gathering you have two additional tables for use and styling in your home. The best of both worlds!

This dining table is 72″ Long by 42″ Wide by 30″ High. The top is a 1.5” Thick Seamless Slab crafted out of White Oak hardwoods with an Aged Oak color. The top is supported by a hand-welded matte black Braylon Double Asterisk modified base.  

The mini dining leaf extension tables are 42″ Long by 20″ Wide by 30″ High. They are crafted out of the same top material as the main dining table with a simplistic base structure. The bases are our hand-welded Braylon Square standard style in Matte Black. Next to the table, it creates a table length of 112″ in total. 

These tables serve as decorative pieces in the dining room when not being used. They could easily be transitioned into an entryway piece or office complement.

Interested in enhancing your dining room with this combination? Let’s connect.

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