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5 Ways To Refresh Your Dining Room

Does your dining room feel stale? You’re desperate to reinvent it but not sure where to start?

There are easy ways to update your dining room that don’t have to cost you what a renovation would. 

1.Give Your Walls Fresh Color

Go to Sherwin Williams, grab some paint samples, and find your next dining room color! 

Hesitant to commit to repainting? Wallpaper is your friend. It’s back in style and trending! Architectural, Murals, Tonal/Texture, and Painterly wallpaper styles will reinvent your room. 

2. Add A New Chandelier

Have you ever noticed in restaurants how the light fixtures make a large impact on the atmosphere and mood of your dining experience? The same is true at your home. 

Find a chandelier for the center of your table and your room will feel different! Here are a few examples of different light fixtures that create a fun, transformative look from our friends at Linen and Flax featuring a customized Braylon Asterisk table


3. Amplify Your Seating Choices

Seating is often a choice that is overlooked or skimped on. Your table should have quality seating options surrounding it.

If you’re in the market for new chairs, add a whole new set or just two accent chairs for the ends. If benches are more your style, add a bench or two to reinvent your dining space. 

4. Add in Greenery 

Fiddle figs are our favorite choice. Add one or two to the corners of your space. We have a few in our Roswell office and love them! They bring warmth, vibrant color, and purifying the air!


5. Dress Up Your Floor

Add a quality made, exotic or statement rug to complete your dining room. We love neutral textured rugs, cow hide rugs, and tribal bright rugs. Choose a rug to emphasize your table and seating area!

Updating your dining room is easier than you think.

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