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3 Ways To Stay Connected During COVID-19

Your in-person gatherings around the table may be limited, but here are 3 easy ways to stay connected during our new normal. 

1.Utilize ZOOM

Zoom is an easy video chat platform to virtually connect with extended family, friends, or neighbors. The options with Zoom are endless and you can host hundreds of people on a call. Hop on a Zoom call to catch up, do a virtual dinner date, plan a virtual workout or use it to replace any regularly planned gatherings you typically have. 

Sign up for Zoom!

2. Host Game Nights Around The Table

Games are an easy way to gather around the table, rid your mind of current circumstances, and get quality time with your whole family. 

Here are a few apps that make playing games at home easy:

3. Send Your Friends Some Fun Mail!

Support small businesses and send some fun mail to your friends! Here are 3 great options supporting local Roswell businesses:

  • Crazy Love Coffee is a local Roswell coffee shop. They are selling so many goodies online you can order and mail. A fun option is Crazy Love’s Survival kit, including a bag of coffee beans, a Crazy Love mug, fresh-baked cookie, and a copy of Francis Chan’s book ‘Crazy Love’. Shop Now!
  • Fellows is a neighborhood cafe specializing in amazing brunch food, quality coffee, and homemade baked goods. Pick up some freshly baked bread to go, pastries, or brunch and drop it off at your friend’s door. Or get them a gift card so they can go to Fellows on their own. Shop Now!
  • Linen and Flax Home is an Atlanta based interior design service and online marketplace. They sell amazing home goods and apparel. With everyone spending so much time inside, send them a candle to create a new cozy space. Here’s a modern and sleek candle available in 4 scents we recommend. Shop Now!

Choose to connect, support small businesses, and stay healthy! -Team RTF

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