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3 Ways To Get Your Table in 3 Weeks

When you order a custom table with us, the expected timeline is 8-12 weeks. The reason? Every piece of furniture we have is built to order. No warehouses or stock items – all custom built exactly to your specifications.

Our craftsman put time, energy, and passion into bringing your dream table to life.

But are you on a deadline? Needing a table in less time for a holiday or family gathering? Here are 3 ways to get your table in 3 weeks.

1.Shop Our Sample Sales

We just had a major sample sale this past month – did you hear?! Table tops, bases, benches, coffee tables, desks, and more with huge markdowns!

There were unfinished products for sale where you are able to select your stain from our variety of high-quality offerings. We also had finished tables and bases where you could bundle them to equal out to a full table at a discounted price!

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2. Shop Our In Stock Items

Our Roswell showroom has 10 items ready to purchase! The tables are our prized show models – some of the most popular colors and styles. They are showstopper pieces at a discount and without a 8-12 week timeline.

A few in stock options include – a Braylon Austin, Braylon X-Farm, Weston Double Pedestal, Jameson Pedestal, Jameson Trestle, Weston Trestle, and Parsons table. Get a table sooner AND cheaper with shopping our in stock items!

3. Pay For a Rushed Order

During certain time of the year, of production team takes on a few rush orders. Do you have a holiday gathering, family party, or event you need a table for?

It isn’t a guarantee but contact us to see if it can be a possibility for you. Our team works their best to get your table fully built and delivered in your desired timeline.

You can still have a custom piece of furniture even if our timeline doesn’t work with your needs. These 3 ways will get you a custom built table in your timeline.

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